Admission Announcements

For students affected by a natural disaster

The Admission Office at Scripps understands that many students applying to college this year have faced potentially catastrophic natural disasters, often causing school closures, test cancellations, and financial insecurity. This will inevitably impact the college admission process, in addition to many other facets of life. With this in mind, we encourage students affected to contact us directly with questions or concerns about deadline extensions, fee waivers, or other issues that may arise.

The main Admission phone number is (909) 621-8149 and email address is

Self-Reported Test Scores

Scripps College accepts self-reported test scores or official score reports for the ACT or SAT. Students can submit their self-reported test scores through the Common Application, QuestBridge Application, or through the Self-Reported Test Scores form in the Application Status Portal form checklist. Students who are admitted and choose to enroll at Scripps will be required to submit an official score report. If there are any discrepancies between self-reported test scores and official score reports, this may affect a students offer of admission. Please keep in mind, we do not accept self-reported test scores for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Second Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System).