Sara M. Adler

Professor of Italian

Department: Italian Studies
Office Address:
Sara M. Adler

Academic History

  • B.A. in Italian, Smith College
  • M.A. in Italian, Harvard University
  • Ph.D. in Italian, Harvard University

Areas of Expertise

  • Contemporary Italian Literature
  • Fascist and World War Two Literature and Film
  • Italo Calvino
  • Italian Renaissance Literature with a focus on women Petrarchan poets

Personal Interests

I am interested in Italian Renaissance literature, in particular Renaissance women poets. A second interest is Twentieth Century Italian literature from World War II to the present. My favorite Twentieth Century author is Italo Calvino.

Selected Research and Publications


  • Calvino: The Writer as Fablemaker (Josè Porrua Truanzas, S.A., 1979)

Peer Reviewed Articles

  • “Vittoria Colonna: Michelangelo’s Perfect Muse” (Forthcoming)
  • “Strong  Mothers, Strong Daughters: The Representation of Female Identity in Vittoria Colonna’s Rime and Carteggio
  • “The Petrarchan Lament of Isabella di Morra”
  • “Veronica Franco’s Petrarchan Lyrics: Recasting the Master’s Art”
  • “Calvino the Portraitist: Some Reflections and Deformations”

Courses Taught

  • All levels of elementary and intermediate Italian
  • Introduction to Twentieth Century Italian Literature
  • Italian Literature in the Era of Fascism and World War Two
  • Readings in Medieval and Renaissance Italian Literature
  • Fighting the Good Fight: Women Writers, Poets, and Philosophers in Renaissance Italy (Core)
  • Appreciating History: Contemporary Italian Writers as Heirs to Historical Tradition
  • Italians as Guests and Hosts: Contemporary Italian Migration Literature
  • Contemporary Italian Women’s Literature
  • The Novels of Italo Calvino

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