Mary Hatcher-Skeers

Sidney J. Weinberg, Jr. Chair in Natural Sciences
Professor of Chemistry

Office Address: Keck Science 214
Office Phone: (909) 607-1586
Email: mhatcher@kecksci.clarmeont.edu
Personal Website: https://www.kecksci.claremont.edu/faculty/profile.asp?FacultyID=12
Mary Hatcher-Skeers

Academic History

  • B.A. University of California, San Diego
  • M.S. San Francisco State University
  • Ph.D. University of Washington

Personal Interests

Professor Hatcher-Skeers is a biophysical chemist studying the role of local dynamics in Protein-DNA recognition. Her research involves the synthesis of isotopically labeled nucleosides for investigation via high resolution and solid state NMR.

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