Cesar G. Lopez

Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies

Department:Department of Spanish, Latin American and Caribbean Literatures and Cultures
Office Address:
Email: cesar.lopez@scrippscollege.edu
Cesar G. Lopez

Academic History

  • B.A. Universidad de Granada, Spain
  • Licenciado en Filologia Romanica, Universidad. de Granada
  • M.M. Conservatorio Superior de Musica, Murcia, Spain
  • M.A., Ph.D. (Spanish), University of Southern California
  • Dr. en Filosofia y Letras, Universidad Complutense, Madrid

Personal Interests


Major field: Spanish Philology; Medieval and Renaisance-Baroque Spanish Lit.Minor field: Latin American Colonial and Contemporary Lit.

I'm interested in everything interesting, which can be a problem some times! I'm a language teacher, a literature teacher, and a musician in my heart. Although my research areas are primarily Spanish literature from the XIIIth to the XVIIth Centuries, I consider myself a generalist. To me, literature is a complex phenomenon which, in one way or another, reflects the sociopolitical, religious, and artistic currents of an epoch. Music, and other artistic manifestations are always present in my classes. I pay special attention to the cultural manifestations of Spanish minorities such as women, Moslems, Jews, Basques, Catalans, etc. I love to read poetry, and contemplate sunrise in the mountains and sunset on the beach. I like dogs, but currently I have a cat


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