Andrew Jacobs

Mary W. and J. Stanley Johnson Professor of Humanities
Professor of Religious Studies

Department:Religious Studies
Office Address: Vita Nova 110
Office Phone: (909) 607-4086
Office Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday, 1:30-2:30pm or by appointment
Email: ajacobs@scrippscollege.edu
Personal Website: http://andrewjacobs.org/
Andrew Jacobs

Academic History

  • M.A., Ph.D. Duke University
  • A.B. Brown University

Areas of Expertise

  • Early Christian Studies
  • Religion and Culture in Late Antiquity

Personal Interests

I study early Christian history through the lens of critical theory (postcolonial studies, gender theory, cultural studies), with a particular focus on the ways in which identity was constructed and deconstructed in the period of late antiquity (ca. 100-600 C.E.).

Selected Research and Publications

  • Christ Circumcised: A Study in Early Christian History and Difference (U Penn, 2012)
  • Remains of the Jews: Holy Land and Christian Empire in Late Antiquity (Stanford, 2004)
  • Christianity in Late Antiquity, 300-450 CE: A Reader, with Bart Ehrman (Oxford, 2003)

Courses Taught

  • Varieties of Early Christianity
  • New Testament and Christian Origins
  • Early Christian Bodies
  • Heretics, Deviants, and "Others" in Early Christianity
  • Feminist Interpretation of the Bible

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