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Scripps College Impact

Scripps Impact

Scripps College is a community of change-makers, poised to excel in graduate school, prestigious fellowships, and dream jobs. With a solid liberal arts education that develops critical, analytical, and creative thinking, our graduates are well prepared after Scripps.

Each fall, our Career Planning & Resources (CP&R) office meets with more than 90% of the first-year class within the first three weeks of the semester to begin evaluating their skills and interests to get the most out of their Scripps experience.


More than 85% of Scripps students hold at least one internship. Nearly 1/4 of students complete 3 or more internships. Within 5 years of graduation, nearly 2/3 of Scripps students complete graduate or professional degrees.



Internships provide exposure and real-life experience, critical in today’s competitive world.

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Our graduates impact the world around them. Scripps alumnae have careers in the arts, government, medicine, startups, entertainment, and more. They are educators, scientists, artists, analysts, and techies.

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Graduate School

Graduate School

Scripps graduates receive competitive fellowships and grants for full-time study and research yearly.

They’re also accepted at some of the nation’s top graduate schools.